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We at Saaras Enterprise, committed to provide Tally.ERP9 License Software together with Services, Support, Training, Customisation, Implementation Services, Integration with Ready to Use Add-Ons, Plug-ins

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Millions of Customer TRUST, Tally Comes with everything you need to get Roll on!

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License Software

We provide License Software.
- Single User (Silver Edition)
- Multi User (Gold Edition)
with complete Installation services, at free of charge at your Office premises. Other Tally Products available
- Tally Server
- Tally Shoper
- TSS - Annual Subscription Renewal

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We at Saaras Enterprise, provides complete Customisaiton Services. We make all required Modification into Tally.ERP9 Software as per the Customer requirements. We also Offer the ready to use customise ADD-ONS. We provide, Insustry specific Verticles (Solution), like Manufacturing Industry module, Industrial Gas Cylinder Management Solution, Plywood and Furniture Traders Solution, For any Customisation requirement , please contact us

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Training & Support

We provide Complete Training on Tally Software to utilise it to the Organisational requirements. We have been conducting Seminars, Class Room Training, Sponsered Corporate Training. We have been Providing ONLINE TRAIINING over Phone, VIDEO Training, as well we provide all types of Support , be it Telephonic, On-site, AMC, Service Visits to help Customers to always keep on their business.

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Digitovoice.com is part of M/s. Megicore Infotech – Gujarat. India, with core competencies in the field of providing Business Software Solutions and Implementation service, since last 12+ years. Providing CRM, Tally.ERP9, Auto Backup Software offering License Sales, Services, Support, Training, Customization and Implementation services.
Concerned mostly with consumer loyalty we assume a role of administrator, to help providing best services, who are searching for appropriate solutions and services in the domain of Business Software Solutions. Consistently engaged responding each and every requirements to maintain long term fair relations with our valued customers.
Organisation :
Our Mission, to
Ensure our valued customers always succeed through
effective technology at a reasonable value
Offer a best and reliable business solution, which results the stake holders life smoother, happier and prospering, creating, nurturing and maintaining relations long last to grow mutually in the best interest to achieve the goals set for. Pursuing constantly to resolve the challenges faced by our valued customers, bringing satisfaction with smile as a result. Offering optimum strategic alliance
Saaras Enterprise has grown into as a business solutions, Information technology and service providers, such as Tally.ERP9, ERP, CRM, License Sales, Services, Support, Technology advancement, Customization, third party Integration, with full fledge life cycle implementation.
Our Purpose is,
Helping our valued customers, utilizing the intellectual, spiritual and financial resources to grow positively.

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Quality Front line Support

Our experience is our Strength. We focus on creating new customers, nurturing, helping, retaining and finally developing long lasting relation which generates moments of opportunities to grow and prosper mutually.
We would be delighted to handle the support call helping our valued customers by scaling our services in tune with their requirements, we offer
1. Providing new Tally.ERP9 License Software covers Tally Single User License, Tally Multi User License, Tally Shoper 9, Tally Server, Tally ready to ADD-ONS.
2. TSS Annual Update Subscription, Tally License Re-activation Services.
3. Revival of your Lost Tally Licenses, or revival of de-activated licenses.
4. Revival of stopped licenses and Re-Activation
5. Tally Online Help desk.
6. Tally Training for advance use by customer.
7. Online or Onsite Training
8. Services and Support online or onsite.
9. Tally Customization Services as per customer requirements.
10. Tally Implementation services offered, lead to utilization of Tally software optimally.
11. Support to Chartered Accountants for using Tally Audit function invoking Tally.NET features.
12. We expertise in implementation of Government Accounting System, It includes complete Implementation of Tally.ERP9 Software in any sort of Government, Semi-Government, State or Central Government owned Mission, State or Center Owned Board or Corporations. Our Implementation covers using Tally Default features combining with Customization-Modification.

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Tally GST2

Tally Software Products

Tally Software Products
Tally.ERP9 A-Series – Rel 6.5.5.
(Click here to Download the Set-up file)
(Click here to Download Older Version of Setup Files)
1. Tally.ERP 9: (National / International edition)
Tally.ERP9 (Indian Edition) software available releases
1. Tally.ERP9 Silver Edition (Single User) – Rs. 18000 + 18% GST = 21240.00
2. Tally.ERP9 Gold Edition (Multi User – Unlimited Users) – Rs 54000 + 18% GST = 63270.00
Tally.ERP9 (International Edition) software available releases (Contact Us – for current Price)
1. Tally.ERP9 International Silver Edition (Single User) – USD $. ____ + 18% GST Tax = USD $ ___
2. Tally.ERP9 International Gold Edition (Multi User – Unlimited Users) – USD $. ____ + 18% GST Tax = USD $ _______
Tally.ERP9 is a truly ERP software, it connects majority of departments in an organization with each other and finally bring each and every commercial outcomes results in a Financial Reports of Balance sheet and Profit & Loss Account. Tally software is being used by each and every industries not only in India, but in world over. Tally covers Financial Accounting, Inventory Management, Stock inward and outward with its closing valuation, Payroll Management, Costing and MIS Reporting, Cash Flow Fund Flow, Budgets, Simple or Process Manufacturing, Job Work Management, Taxation related GST / VAT / Excise / Service Tax / TDS – TCS, Payroll Personal Income Tax, Multi Currency Management, Sales – Purchase – Job Order Processing, Multi Language Support, Purchase & Sales Management, Advance Outstanding & Collection, Instant Invoice with GST-Tax requirements, Multiple Price Level, Multiple Address of parties, Banking features.
Tally.ERP9 software available in two segement. 1. Indian Edition (go to link above) 2. International Edition (go to link above)
2. Tally Software Services known as TSS (National / International edition)
Tally.ERP9 TSS (Indian Edition) Subscription available as,
1. Tally.TSS Single User – INR Rs. 3,600 + 18% GST Tax = INR Rs. 4,240.00
2. Tally.TSS Multi User – INR Rs 10,800 + 18% GST Tax = 12744.00
Tally.ERP9 TSS (International Edition) Subscription available as, (contact us – for current pricing)
3. Tally.TSS Single User – USD $. ____ + 18% GST Tax = USD $ _______
4. Tally.TSS Multi User – USD $. ____ + 18% GST Tax = USD $ _______
Tally Software Services (TSS) is a software subscription for a collection of services which add great value to your Tally.ERP 9 by giving you the latest developments in technology and statutory laws. Continuous product upgrades and Updates, connectivity driven functionalities such as online data exchange between your branches, remote access, seamless banking and payment services and much more, enhance your business performance by leaps and bounds.
Tally Software Services known as TSS is the bunch of services which enables the existing Tally software subscribers to utilize the core of services as follows,
Tally.TSS available in two segement. 1. Indian Edition (go to link above) 2. International Edition (go to link above)
1. Product Updates. Ever changing world of opportunity indirectly creates the contemporary requirements, which need to be incorporated into the Tally software. Tally Company constantly strive for making updates in the software, and also removes any error in the future releases of updates. Product updates in the form of newer releases results in better reports.
2. Statutory Updates, leads to any changes declared by Government which affects the GST Return, TDS, TCS, Payroll Income Tax Requirements, or any other Taxation related enhancement need to be updated by the users from time to time to ensure statutory formalities get fulfilled during finalization and audit process.
3. Banking & Payments, feature helps the user to seamlessly initiate Reconciliations with print and issue a error less cheque to parties by printing on the cheque issued by Banks.
4. Online Data Synchronization and Remote Access features make the Tally online. Using Synchronization features enables the Multi locational companies to manage their data and bring their data from multiple location to one location and vic-e-varsa through the robust secured channel.
5. Remote Access feature allows the customer to access their Tally data from anywhere remotely. Tally.NET User and Tally. Auditor user can access the data without physically attending the organization.
3. Tally.ERP 9 - Auditors Edition (click here – to register for Auditor Edition directly on Tally Portal) Tally.ERP9 and Chartered Accountants are synonyms to each other. Now a days a growing use of Tally software by Chartered Accountants has created such a co-relation for each other’s. Tally.ERP9 is an Accounting Software, which required being approval by the law of the country. And the Law of the country relating to Accounting Policies, formalities, and preparation of Financial Reports can only be authorized by the Chartered Accountants, who are considered to be Certified Accountants for the Country and in the eyes of Law.
To provide ease and flexibility of using Tally by Chartered Accountant, Tally Company has announced separate policy in consultation with a country’s Supreme Legal body being “The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, New Delhi”, to offer a Tally License Software with a special price with few special features which enables Chartered Accountants to handle their Audit work smoothly. Tally. Auditor Edition is a same product with separate category of users, being a Chartered Accountants.
4. Tally.ERP 9 – Rental Version (ContactUs – for Rental License)
Tally. Rental Software is a another segment of Tally License software for those users who wanted to use the Tally License for a short period of time, or for some project work, or for Trail or Testing purpose or for some special task like auditing, or data entry work or managing branch accounts for time being.
On demand from customers Tally has released the new Rental Version of Tally License Software. User can subscribe for Monthly, or Quarterly, or for multiple choice of months. They will be allotted a complete new fresh license. User can renew or extend rental subscription over months, or suspended rental license can also be re-activated at any time in future. User can also convert the Rental License into Regular License any time, after or before completion of Rental subscription. User can use all the features of Software available to regular users. There is no limitation of using features.
Pricing : (contact us for pricing)
Single User Rental Subscription :
Single User – INR Rs. ______ + 18% GST Tax = INR Rs. _______
Multi User Rental Subscription :
Multi User – INR Rs. ______ + 18% GST Tax = INR Rs. _______
Tally.ERP9 TSS (Indian Edition) Subscription available as,
1. Tally. TSS Single User – INR Rs. 3,600 + 18% GST Tax = INR Rs. 4,240.00
2. Tally. TSS Multi User – INR Rs 10,800 + 18% GST Tax = 12744.00
3. Tally.ERP9 – Educational Version
Tally. Educational Version, as such there is no such official version namely – Tally Educational Version. However Tally allows the potential customer to download freely and test all the features and functionalities free of charge. This is freely available software for Testing purpose is called Educational Version. The idea of Education Version terms came into practice, when Tally Company has initiated steps forward to provide free training to the students or graduates to learn tally software freely, so as they become literate and be able to gain a job in the field of Accounts. This initiative made Tally company known amongst the user group. Educational version of Tally software is the same software with all features and functions as otherwise be used by Regular commercial users. The prime purpose of sharing Free License is to allow the users to enter few data and test it. So in Education version user can enter 1000s transactions with a limitation of “DATE OF ENTRY” would be allowed to enter is – 01st and 2nd Date of every month and 31st of respective months. In other words user can enter as many transaction in the above mentioned dates only. Irrespective of number of transactions entered into software user can use all the features and functionalities of Software. (Contact us – for more details)
4. Shoper 9 (contact Us – for Price – Release & Implementation)
Shoper 9 is a unique software solution best suited to Retail Outlets, Multi item selling stores, like Retail Readymade cloth store, and retail grocery store or al Big Retail Mall. It has been developed with Retail domain experts. Shoper 9 is such a flexible to implement at a ease, it requires mapping of stock items from Retail Mall or Retail Stores, types of items, classifications of items, method of selling, item selling pattern, reporting pattern all various components need to be analyzed before implementing.
Shoper 9 is available in three variants, 1. Shoper 9 POS One-Off Silver Edition (for 1 or 2 or few POS Retails Outlets) 2. Shoper 9 HO Gold Edition (for Large number of POS locations) 3. Shoper 9 Enterprise Model Diamond Edition
Implementation of Shoper 9 is a meticulous job, may include the following stages, (Contact Us – for more information or a Demo of Product) • Scope definition
• Providing a business solution
• Conducting conference room pilot
• Creating templates & masters
• Interface can be set to the old style or by third party applications
• Defining interface with Tally application
• Customizing specific requirements
• Pilot run
• Stock taking
• Confirming project sign off
• Providing corporate training
• Rolling out implementation
• Set up of Application at your all POS location
After implemtation of Shoper 9, full fledge service support is available through the Partner network. With regards to retail location (POS) business the executives, there's next to no decision past Shoper 9. A summit of serious , this develop, all set item which consolidates the most intelligent thoughts, gives snappy execution and natural use. Shoper 9 is widely used by Retail giants managing their POS requirement. Shoper 9 software system has become a synonyms to POS. It can scale and will give data at-the-fingertips to administrators of chain stores. The reasonable Shoper 9-the most recent item from Tally-can be adjusted to meet one of kind necessities and will spare time, increment precision and give constant reports.
5. Tally Server 9

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Tally GST Software

Tally Services Offered

............. We Offer

- Sales, Services, Support & AMC
- Corporate Training – Online, On Site, Class Room
- Customization & Modification as per requirements
- Implementation Complete Life Cycle as per requirements
- Ready to Use Customisation Reports, Add-Ons, Plug-ins
- Third Party Integration, SMS, Whatsapp message, email.

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Users sharing their experience

Saaras Enterprise, Tally Partner Mr Soni, has always been helping since last many years. Customer is at first proiroty that we have been witnessing from his services and contineous support.

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Mr Deb Bhatacharya

CEO, MetaDom Tech

We have been associated since last 10 years, since then we have never found our Tally software is out of order. Thanks to Mr Soni, for his wonderful help all the times. We wish him Best.

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Mr Ketan Patel

Finance Director

Aftre associating with Tally commune, we are feeling that we have become late for joining, after spending lots of Energy for our previous ERP Solution. We are honoured to say that we have found very perfect Service Partner M/s Saaras Enterprise

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Mr Jignesh Patil

Manager Accounts

Bitter Experiences from other Tally Service Providers keeps you away from your desired goals. After associating with Mr Soni, Saaras Enterprise , Authorized Tally Partner all our pain gone with winds..

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Mr Jatin G Sheth

CEO , Pinal Sanatryware

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Tally.ERP9 is always release latest updates with laws and taxation, as soon as it rolls out by Government. Before incorporating GST Features into the software, Tally has already been facilitated with Excise, Service Tax, VAT, CST, TDS, TCS, FBT, Payroll Personal Income Tax and concurrently prevailing legal compliances in Tally.ERP9 software. Earlier all these features have been available up till Tally.ERP9 Release 5 regime. However it has been witness that the latest release before GST, i.e. Rel.5 has become un-acceptable by the users due to many issues. Users have been sharing that the previous to Release 5,there were Release 4 which was really stable release. The Last release of version 4.93 was the perfect version to the good satisfaction of the users.
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GST Fundamentals in Tally.

Improvising Softwares
Users have been sharing that the previous to Release 5,there were Release 4 which was really stable release. The Last release of version 4.93 was the perfect version to the good satisfaction of the users.
Mainly Accountant community and Chartered Accountant community has been sharing that Release 4.93 was quite stable product, whereas majority of Industries were relying on the outcome of Statutory Returns which were generated out of Tally.ERP9 version 4.93.
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GST Fundamentals in Tally.

Controversies and Government
Since the Central Government has already declared well in advance for applicability and Roll out of new GST Tax Regime in whole of the country, it went through many controversy indeed. People have become really uncertain thinking whether the law makers will really be able to make it effective. Despite the challenges and controversy BJP Government the then in power under the leadership of Sh. Narendra Modi, they have really made a bold step forward. Majority of countrymen were really positive and ready to welcoming the new GST Tax Regime.
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